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Mandala Healing Artwork by Nada Rose

Each of us undoubtedly thrives when we have access to a variety of support during significant and life-altering times in our lives. Even when all appears well, we flourish best knowing there is encouragement from our family and friends; and when we have acknowledged our own worthiness through our well-being practices, by our personal successes or by desiring positive change to occur in greater abundance in our lives.

Sometimes, though, depending upon our healing path and our particular life circumstances, we need a neutral witness for our process - someone who can accompany us on our inner journey, a companion who assists us, who acknowledges our deep transformations, who offers guidance and encouragement and who can mentor us in the practice of implementing ‘awareness’ tools that empower us.

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Mandala Healing Artwork by Nada Rose


The name, Golden Summer Sun, emerged during an inner period of personal reflection when I recognized that the deep sense of peace and well-being which I enjoyed during those golden summer days was also a reflection of what I saw and felt at the core of my being. It is this awareness that I hold as an energetic intention when interacting with the people who come to see me as clients. Warmth, expansion, growth, and life-fulfilling energy – these are part of the wellspring of Integrative Healing possibilities available.

If we can understand that transformations are embedded in both our life achievements and in our struggles….even when the outcome of our struggles may not be so clear as we ride the waves of deep change, then it is possible to reframe our experiences so that we can respond in an entirely new way.

Some questions to ask might be.. .

  • Am I bothered by complex emotions that seem to get the better of me?

  • Does my mind contain endless chatter that runs the same story over and over again?

  • Do I need to relax so that I have the inner reserve to resolve life issues and so that I can simply enjoy my life again? Does my life feel magical to me?

  • Do I simply feel lost? Am I looking for guidance? For knowledge and an understanding of that which ails me?

  • Do I have a craving inside for ‘something’ deeply meaningful but can’t quite figure out what that might be?

  • Am I looking for passageway into the next phase of my life but can’t quite resolve what it is I am meant to do? Or, perhaps my vision of the future ‘me’ is already clear, but rousing myself into action and taking those next steps has me stumped?

Understand that there are jewels contained in our discontent and that during deep, inner change, dissatisfactions and unhappiness are essentially signposts directing us towards our true longings. They are intended to be the doorways or portals into life-affirming breakthroughs.

Integrative Healing is meant to guide you ...
from where you are now, to where you want to be.

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